Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fix the Debt (Ceiling)

It is also not clear to me why John Boehner doesn't try to scrap the debt ceiling altogether rather than voting to raise it to cover the projected growth of spending for the next year. Sure, he would face the wrath of the far right for giving up what they perceive as their bargaining chip if he eliminated the debt ceiling. But he's facing that wrath now just for giving it up temporarily. And he will have to face that wrath again when he inevitably passes another clean debt ceiling bill next year, and then whenever it comes up again after that, just as he already suffered the Wrath of the Right the prior two times that he ultimately passed a clean debt ceiling bill.

Instead of dealing with periodic bouts of wrath, why not just pull the plug and end any charade that the U.S. would ever willingly default on its debt?