Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Apparently I now live in a disaster area.

It's funny how conditions that were considered normal for all of human history up until about 150 years ago (i.e. not having electrical power), qualify as a "disaster" now. And even in this disaster area I am not truly lacking in electricity. I am currently tapping out this very blog post on my half-charged phone. And when I finish, I will post it on the Internet so that anyone in the world can read it. That would be nothing short of miraculous just 15 years ago. Some disaster!

UPDATE (one hour later): and power is back. I guess it was out for about 6 hours--most of that time I spent in my fully powered office or at an impromptu get together for powerless people at a place with a generator. So the disaster wasn't personally all that disastrous for me. But there are still lots of dark houses in the area. I just seem to be in the clear now.