Friday, March 21, 2014

Pierce's epic rant about William Kristol

This Charlie Pierce post can't be shared enough on this anniversary week of the Iraq War. (Susie has been touting it well).

It is interesting how Iraq war boosters don't seem to understand that the war they supported led to the death and injury of millions of innocent people. I honestly don't understand how someone like Kristol can sleep at night after how he used his rare access to the media 11 and 12 years ago. For him to lament that the American public has grown more reluctant to slaughter the children of some other foreign country is so monstrous. I really can't believe that Kristol truly understands the full implication of what he is saying. Because if he did, I really think he would be too embarrassed to ever utter something like that out loud. Maybe a war is just an abstraction to Kristol. It's not a mangled kid, who really is just a stand in for countless others like him.