Tuesday, April 29, 2014


That's what I have been telling people for years. I never gave a shit whether George W. Bush meant well, or honestly believed that the Iraq War was a good idea. If he did, he was wrong. It was a terrible idea, one that people in both the U.S. and Iraq are still paying the consequences for. Whether he was evil or just good but misguided did not matter at all when he was President. It had no bearing on whether to support or oppose his terrible policies.

Likewise, Lambert, aka the dumbest blogger of left blogistan, is barking up the wrong tree with his ongoing campaign to have President Obama branded an "asshole". Unless you're having him over for dinner, who cares whether he is an asshole? By definition anyone who decides to run for President must have a massive ego. I'm not looking for someone to hang out with when I decide whether to support a politician. All that matters is whether that person will do the stuff that I want him or her to do.