Thursday, May 01, 2014


Last night I got an email from an airline informing me that the times for my flight had changed and requesting that I "accept" the change to my itinerary. It wasn't clear to me what would happen if I did not accept the change. I mean, the plane is leaving when it's leaving. It's not like I expected to be able to bend the schedule back to its original time. I looked at the "new" times. They looked okay. In fact, they looked like what I thought were the original departure and arrival times. The email did not tell me what the original itinerary was or what specifically had changed. Still, the times looked okay to me.

But I wasn't sure, so I didn't respond to the email. Then this morning, I looked up the original confirmation email to see what the difference is. Here's what I found: my original itinerary had my return flight landing  at 11:11 am. The new itinerary has the landing time as 11:10 am. That's it. Both of my take-off times are the same. I'm just getting back slightly earlier.

I'm still not sure why I need to "accept" the change, although I just did.