Thursday, May 29, 2014


Now that the Eurasian Union treaty has been signed (after a few delays) and the organization will come into being, it is time to talk about the appropriate acronym. "EU" is taken, obviously. "EES," the one used in this article, is stupid. What the hell does S stand for? (actually, I think the "S" stands for "Soyuz ("союз"), Russian for "union." But we're talking about the correct acronym to use in English. The Russians can use whatever abbreviation makes the most sense in their own language)

"EAEU," the one that Wikipedia uses, is too clunky. Why not go with the more obvious "EAU"? Wiki already recognizes that one as a possible alternative to its standard EAEU, but I'm still not satisfied because EAU is obviously better so it should be standard.

The only ones who might not like "EAU" are some urologists.  But I doubt the people who coined "EU" for the European Union gave a shit about evangelicals attending Sydney University.

From this point forward, the Eurasian Union shall be abbreviated as EAU on this blog. So there.

UPDATE (5/30/14): I hate "EEU" too. Why can't everyone see the clear moral superiority of EAU?

ADDING (5/31/14): I guess I didn't explain why I don't like "EEU." EEU stands for "Eurasian Economic Union. By that logic, we might as well call the EU the EEU too, with the first "E" for "European" instead of "Eurasian." If the whole idea is to come up with an acronym that distinguishes the new Eurasian Union from the already well-known European Union, then why not use one that emphasizes the difference between the two? That difference being the word "Asian." Which is why EAU is superior to EEU and all the rest.

Can we just declare me right and stop using all those inferior alternatives?