Friday, May 02, 2014

You know what will make a difference this time? A select committee!

The most fascinating thing about Benghazi!TM is how much faith the Republicans seem to have that this is a winning issue with the public. Mitt Romney first tried it during the 2012 Presidential campaign and backfired. And then, for the past 19 months or so, an endless parade of Republican members of Congress and political commentators have touting smoking gun after smoking gun promising to finally blow the lid off the administration's Benghazi!TM perfidy. Each time the news is strongly hyped on Fox and other rightwing outlets, but has mostly fallen flat with the outside world.

And yet they keep trying! Why are they so convinced that this time the public will buy it when, despite all their prior attempts, this scandal just isn't catching on with the world outside their media bubble? Do they even understand the idea behind a trial balloon?

(via Memeorandum)