Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Borders according to ISIS

ISIS grabs some border posts:
With the seizure of the Jordan crossing, which militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria first assaulted late Sunday night, the Iraqi military defenses crumpled, as they have in other battlegrounds in the western and northern parts of the country over the past two weeks. ISIS control of the Jordan border raised the risks that its insurgency could menace not just Syria and Iraq, but Jordan and Saudi Arabia, two important American allies.
Maybe Jordan, but it is really doubtful that ISIS will menace Saudi Arabia. It's not going to bite the hand that feeds it.

Actually, if you want to know how safe Jordan is, someone should check to see what ISIS is doing with the Iraqi side of the Karameh border post. If it tries to keep it as a border crossing, Jordan might be okay (at least in the short term). If ISIS dismantles the border post (as it has on the Syrian-Iraqi posts it controls), then that signals that it does not recognize the Jordanian-Iraqi border just as it doesn't recognize the Syrian-Iraqi border.