Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chocolution 23: Taza, Stone Ground Chocolate

Taza's Stone Ground, or "Mexican style" chocolate is not my cup of tea. It's very crumbly, almost chalky, in texture. I'm not a big texture person when it comes to food in general, but it does matter to me for chocolate. One of the things that makes chocolate so appealing is that its melting point is slightly below human body temperature, which makes it literally melt in your mouth. A chocolate that crumbles takes that experience away, even if the flavor itself is not bad.

But wait! I'm not done with this one. Like other fancy-schmancy bars, this one has a gimmick. On the back of the wrapper is this:

So I went to tazachocolate.com, searched around for way too long to find where I'm supposed to enter the number (it's under the "process" menu, select "See How Your Batch Was Made"), entered the number and got this. Which was kinda interesting. But it doesn't make up for the lack of melting-in-mouth thing.