Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I got banned from Corrente today. Which reinforces my impression that what really drives Lambert is a Stalinistic impulse to purge anyone he does not view as "progressive" enough. I have been purged.

What got me banned was this thread. Apparently, Lambert thinks that the only reason that Obama isn't re-invading Iraq is that he believes that the U.S. military is no longer physically capable of invading any more countries. I tried to ask if he was serious, and the discussion went downhill from there.

The whole thing is rather fascinating because Lambert cannot possibly ever even slightly admit that he might approve of any decision that Obama has ever made. The other day Obama announced that he would not go in with a full-scale military intervention to stop the ISIS. I believe that could count as a decision that Lambert would approve of. To get himself out of that logical trap, Lambert has concluded that Obama secretly wants to launch a new invasion into Iraq, he just isn't doing it because he can't. I guess the President is just pretending to be against boots on the ground in Iraq to cover for the Pentagon's inadequacy. Which makes him even more insidious. You see, the President is not just a war monger, he is a liar too. Because sometimes he says stuff that just aren't all that war mongery, which can only mean that he is lying, because see the part about war mongery.

Seriously, that really seems to be what Comrade Strether believes. I'm not positive though, because once Lambert finally got around to answering my question, he immediately terminated my Corrente account, so I can't ask any follow-up questions.

I think I have only been banned by two sites before. The now-defunct "Blogs for Bush" and "Atlas Shrugs." Lambert joins some pretty illustrious company. I have dropped Lambert a line asking him to reconsider the ban. The "contact corrente" form does not work for me. I guess Lambert does not want to hear the cries of the victims of his purges. Luckily, there was once a happy time that Lambert and me were buds, so I dropped him an email. I'm not optimistic. But who knows? Maybe he will surprise me.