Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My question for any supporters of Israel's current military action in Gaza

What do you think it will accomplish? Do you really think that when the smoke clears Hamas will no longer exist or won't still control Gaza? Do you think it will stop Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza from being able to launch missiles at Israel?

If you think this will accomplish something, then explain how this is different from "Operation Cast Lead" (2008-09) and "Operation Pillar of Defense" (2012), the last two times that Israel attacked Gaza. Those two conflicts left a total of somewhere between 1,299 and 1,550 Palestinians dead and 18 Israelis dead, plus many times that number seriously injured on both sides. I don't see any way that you could possibly say it was worth it considering that after a few years Israel feels like it has to do it again. Even if you think that Israel is justified in taking action against Gaza, the action it keeps taking isn't working.