Monday, July 28, 2014

Silver, again

I know I have made this point before, but it really is remarkable how badly Nate Silver is blowing things with his new site.

We are less than 100 days from a major national election. Which party controls the Senate for the next two years--a question that will essentially determine how Obama can act for the remainder of his time as President--hangs in balance. In every other recent election, Silver's blog, in whatever iteration it was at that time, has always been my go-to place to review the state of the key races and the overall national trend.

But not this time. I almost never go to the new When I do, I don't see much about the upcoming election on the front page. There isn't even a huge amount of coverage of the upcoming congressional races under the site's "politics" tab. The only real analysis of the overall election immediately visible there is this Senate overview post from almost two months ago. Silver's prior sites used to update their projections ever day. Where are the charts and maps? Where are the rankings of polling firms by past performance or discussions about how Silver thinks the various polls should be weighted? The current site has almost none of the things that once made Silver a required daily read. It is not just me. For the first time since I heard the name "Nate Silver," he is almost entirely absent from discussion in political blogs.

I really can't believe that Nate Silver is blowing this chance to build a loyal audience for his new site by doing what he does best.