Thursday, July 03, 2014

Stupid Eden Foods

Probably most of these companies have little to lose from cutting off contraceptive coverage following the Hobby Lobby decision. Of course, Hobby Lobby itself might suffer just because in some circles, it's name is now forever associated with hostility to birth control and/or women's issues. Even if the owners really did have a deeply held belief that birth control is icky and they really are deeply offended by prospect that their company might pay a third party that could pay a fourth party in exchange for birth control that would go to a fifth party (some of their employees), winning this case might still end up hurting their business more than the potential injury to their morals. We shall see.

But Eden Foods jumping on the anti-contraceptive bandwagon really makes no business sense. Let's face it, an organic food company's customer base is going to overlap pretty heavily with the portion of the population that will be particularly upset by companies that cut off contraceptive coverage for their employees. I think Eden really shit in its own trough with this one.