Sunday, July 27, 2014

There don't have to be gaps

Today's NYT:
Significant gaps remain on the parameters of a durable truce. Hamas wants the release of high-profile prisoners along with open border crossings into Gaza and a lifting of Israel’s restrictions on fishing, farming and trade. Israel wants international guarantees that Gaza will be demilitarized, including a monitoring system to ensure that imported supplies would not be used to rebuild tunnels.
The maddening thing about these conflict is that those two sets of goals are not mutually exclusive. It is possible for the parties could do what each side says they want. Or at least it would be possible in a different world with a different political landscape.

Back here on Earth, I don't see either side agreeing to what the other side says they want, even if their side got what they say they want. I mean, it is so bad that each side is rejecting the other's humanitarian ceasefire proposals, just because the proposal is not originating on their own side.