Friday, July 11, 2014

This conflict makes people crazy

Things I have learned from friends and relative on Facebook:

1. Israel has zero responsibility for its own bombing of Gaza.

2 Any people who Israel slaughters with its weapons have not really been slaughtered by Israel but rather by Hamas because even if we don't know the circumstances of what happened, we can all assume they were used as human shields.

3. Israel does everything it can to avoid civilian casualties (except, you know, not bombing places that civilians live). The fact that the Palestinian death toll is now more than 100 (Israeli death toll: 0), including more than a dozen children, does not suggest that maybe Israel's efforts are not effective. Instead, see #2.

4. None of said friends and relatives seem to have any concern with what killing a bunch of people in Gaza will accomplish or how this operation will advance any Israeli interests.

Also, don't forget human shields! You can't bring human shields up enough! It's what makes every toddler blown to pieces by bombs launched by Israel not Israel's fault. (There's also this. Let's all ignore stuff like that).