Tuesday, July 08, 2014

What an asshole

How does this make any sense?

Republicans such as Senator Tom Coburn have argued that the disability program is being “gamed” by “scalawags,” and that a third of claims are bogus, putting the program in financial trouble. Republicans may use the coming hearing to argue for benefits cuts.
Putting aside the fact that the one-third figure is probably false, even if it were true, that would mean that two-thirds of recipients are legitimately eligible for benefits. Almost 19 million people are on either SSI or SSDI (the two social security disability programs). If we assume that Coburn's probably bogus statistic is correct, that means about 13 million people really are so disabled that they should be receiving disability benefits. To be clear, you are only eligible for social security disability benefits if you are so disabled you cannot perform the duties of any job to support yourself. Not just the job in your "field" or the last job you held, but any job that is substantial enough to support yourself that exists in economy. Coburn wants to cut their benefits too. Because some people are gaming the system, Coburn wants to completely screw over the majority that are not. These are people who cannot support themselves.

(via Atrios)