Monday, August 25, 2014

Mystery Airstrikes Now Less Mysterious!!!

Last week I saw the story about the mystery airstrikes in Tripoli. Mystery airstrikes! Oh how I wanted to write a post about that! But I didn't because I didn't really have anything to say other than that someone airstruck Libya and no one knew who did it. In other words, pretty much what the above-linked article said. I don't generally post about things, even interesting things, unless I feel I have something to add. While I love a good mystery, I didn't know who did the airstrikes and, as far as I could tell, it could have been almost anyone.

Later, Egypt denied it did the airstrikes. And today it looks like Egypt is a big fat liar. Which makes me wonder if the anti-Islamist campaign of General Hifter wasn't engineered by outsiders like Egypt and the UAE. He did seem to come out of nowhere last Spring. Then again, what do I know about the complicated dynamics of the Libyan civil war?

(Aside: am I the only one who sees "Hitler" whenever I read Hifter's name? Annoying! But it also kinda reminds me of Mr. Hilter.)