Monday, August 04, 2014

something ahead (I'm not saying what this time)

I long ago stopped writing posts warning forecasting "slow blogging" ahead. I stopped for three reasons:

1. I was often wrong. Many times just after I predicted a slow patch, I would end up putting up a bunch of posts. My forecasting ability just isn't that good.

2. Slow blogging posts would depress my hit numbers, It is understandable that people would not visit here as often right after I warn them that there won't be any reason to visit in the near future, But it was also frustrating because of #1.

3. There was no point. I mean, why exactly did I feel the need to warn what few readers I have that I would not be posting as much? (Putting aside the fact that my warnings weren't all that accurate)

That said, I'm on a little vacation right now in the wilds of Wisconsin (Except the Dells are the opposite of "wilds". It's a bit like Vegas, but without the sin and with all the tourist trap cheesiness. Plus also actual cheese, this being Wisconsin and not Nevada), which means I am a bit out of the normal mindset that usually gets me blogging. In addition, I just don't have a whole lot of screen time while I'm here, what with the water parks, LARPesque attractions, ziplining, duck boating, and cabin-with-the-inlaws living. I would say all that will add up to slow blogging ahead, but if I say it I will probably be wrong, my hit numbers will drop, and there's no point in saying it. So I won't. Not this time.

Stay tuned! (but no promises)