Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why do the same choices keep resulting in the same outcomes?!?!?!

Israelis are mad at Netanyahu:
"After 50 days of warfare in which a terror organization killed dozens of soldiers and civilians, destroyed the daily routine (and) placed the country in a state of economic distress ... we could have expected much more than an announcement of a ceasefire," analyst Shimon Shiffer wrote in Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's biggest-selling newspaper.
Why would you possibly expect that? A ceasefire is exactly how every other conflict with Hamas has ended since the group took control of Gaza. That was even how Operation Cast Lead ended even though Israeli committed to a larger ground operation that it did this time. This outcome was totally predictable (in fact, I predicted it and I'm hardly a soothsayer). So predictable every other possible outcome seemed more like fantasy than reality to me.

Is Israeli society so caught up in its own nationalism that it can't learn any lessons from its own recent history? If they want to make actual progress in their dealings with Hamas, they just need to find another way of dealing with them other than assuming the military can magically solve the problem (i.e. what they have been trying over and over even though it keeps proving to be a failure and only seems to accomplish a swath of senseless death and destruction).