Friday, September 19, 2014

1 way to be annoyed without being embarrassed about it

I saw the headline on Vox: "9 questions about Detroit's bankruptcy you were too embarrassed to ask." Why is that form of headline so popular right now? I know it is designed to be click-bait. But does it actually work to bait the clicks? I find it really annoying how it presumes to know stuff about me, like what I don't already know or what I might be embarrassed about. That annoyance doesn't get me to click the link. Well, in this case I guess it did. When I got annoyed I realized it was a good example of the kind of thing that has been annoying me lately, so I clicked to get the link for this post. But most of the time when I see that kind of headline I don't click. I just get annoyed and move on.

As it happens, while there are plenty of things I do not know about the Detroit bankruptcy, I am not embarrassed at all to ask about it. In fact, I am struggling to come up with a Detroit bankruptcy-related question that might be the least bit embarrassing for me to ask. Why would that be embarrassing to anyone?