Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Boring Life/Site Maintenance Post

You might notice that the list of podcasts ("Pods!") on the right has grown a bit in the past week. The list is supposed to reflect the postcasts I listen to. With the new house my commute has changed a little bit. There is a bit less train time (as I am now a stop or two closer into the city) but there's a longer walk to the station. The change is not so much the overall length of the commute (which has gone up a little bit) as the balance of time spent walking (when I listen to podcasts) vs. training (when I read). That means that my old weekly pods were not enough to cover the total time I spend per week walking.

So I asked for suggestions in facebook and I got a lot of feedback. After two weeks of sampling a bunch of stuff, the things listed to the right are what have made it into my current rotation. The ones now listed are more than I need to cover all of my walk time. However, this list is always a work in progress. If you know of any podcasts that are really good--or even podcasts that you hate but think I might like--then let me know and I'll try to check it out. One problem with my current assortment is that the pods are top of the week heavy. That is, a bunch of them become available for download between Friday and Sunday, which means I start my week with a lot of podcast choices that dry up by midweek as I start listening to them all. I have made up for that deficit by adding more podcasts than I can possibly get through in a week. Some of the pods listed are gap-fillers that I will listen to when I exhaust my regular can't-miss-a-single-episode pods. But in an ideal world, I would not have any gap fillers. So I especially interested in suggestions of weekly podcasts that come online between Tuesday and Thursday.