Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ten years ago at Ten Stone

I actually missed the first Philadelphia Drinking Liberally. I can't remember why I couldn't make it. But I remember I couldn't. I showed up for the second one and then was a regular almost every week for the next five years. That was followed by a year in which I was a regular attendee for the four months in 2010 that I wasn't in Kazakhstan. Since 2010, I have only gone once or twice a year.

ANYWAY, the archives tell me that the second DL--the first one I attended--was was on September 28, 2004. Which means that the first Philly DL was on September 21, 2014, two days ago. [Note: confirmed by Eschaton archives] Two days go wasn't a Tuesday. Today is. So tonight is the Official Tenth Anniversary SpectacularTM of Philadelphia (Center City) Drinking Liberally!!! Everyone is invited and this week, for the first time in Idon'tknowhowlong, I am actually going to show up.
Jose Pistola's
263 S. 15th St. (Upstairs bar)
7:00 when we leave.
Whoever can name every official location of DL-Philly over the past decade (not including special one-off events, but including every place that we thought was to be the group's regular home even if it didn't necessarily work out that way), gets 50 Noz points and maybe a free drink.

See you there!