Monday, November 24, 2014

Drama Obama

So why are they pissing all over Hagel as he goes out the door? That's what I don't get. As JMM points out, it will not be easy to appoint a successor and, even if the President really wanted him out, his administration did not have to tell the world that he isn't up to the job. Why not go the usual route and say he wants to spend more time with his family?

So they must have not just wanted him out really badly, he also displeased them so much they wanted to hurt his reputation on his way out too. (Not that they can really hurt his reputation without giving specifics about why they needed him gone). Hagel is a former Republican member of the Senate. He still has friends there. Some of those friends the administration will need the votes of to confirm a successor. I am trying to imagine what Hagel could have done that would have made the administration's conduct make sense. I just can't see what that could have been to make this anything other than petty vindictiveness.