Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New liberal sport

Cheering the economic woes of Kansas. The Brownback reelection guarantees that he will continue to run the state into the ground, which means that we can all watch the state and see a perfect example of how the economic radicalism that serves as the underlying philosophy of the current republican party is all wrong.

It's not a nice thing to do. Kansas is filled with actual people whose lives will be hurt by Brownback's crazy GOPonomic experiment. I understand the appeal though. We all want to be proved fucking right and Kansas seems like a perfect way for the rightwing radicals to finally learn that their economic theory doesn't actually work.

But face facts, they won't learn that. 'Reaganomics" is a religion to some, and like other religions it won't be changed by evidence. I see zero chance that any true believing Brownbackian will see the light no matter how badly things go in Kansas. So there is no silver lining to what is happening in that state. Things will go to shit and no one who needs to learn a lesson from all of this will. In the end, crowing about how awful Kansas is has no purpose other than lording over the misery that actual Kansans will suffer.