Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pity Air Malaysia

If an airline can't use a slogan like "Want to go somewhere, but don’t know where?" or refer to passengers' "bucket list" without being accused of "sending the wrong message," that airline can't really advertise. Seriously, ease up people. If you are going to look at everything it says that closely, the airline pretty much screwed--well, screwed from a marketing standpoint. Personally, I think the "bucket list" objection is the most ridiculous. I never would have thought it refers to the plane that was shot down last summer. You might as well claim that "fly the friendly skies" suggests that a plane keep flying and flying until it runs out of fuel over a remote corner of the Indian Ocean.

And I guess all the "visit Ukraine" posters in the Kuala Lampur airport are probably going to have to come down.