Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chocolution 50: Chocolate Amatller, Chocolate 70%

Hey don't I usually do this earlier in the week? Well, funny story: Sunday night, when I usually do my chocolate tasting, I got a stomach illness and vomited instead. While vomiting, I just wasn't in the mood to sample fine chocolates. So I didn't do it. I stayed home from work on Monday and felt better by Tuesday morning. Tuesday night I decided not to push it with a chocolate tasting, even though I was feeling pretty normal. Last night, I just forgot. Now it's Thursday, we have almost looped back to the next Sunday tasting. I need to eat chocolate... stat!!!

This one was really good. It is my favorite so far. I may have said that before, but it means more now, at tasting number 50 rather than some earlier number when the sample pool was much smaller. This is one I will definitely come back to. I only wish I knew about this Barcelona-based chocolatier when I was there in 2012.