Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Independence day

Today is the anniversary of the day that our adventures in Kazakhstan began and ended, and also marked the beginning a new kind of adventure in my life. Coincidentally, it is also the anniversary of the day that Kazakhstanis' adventures with an independent Kazakhstan began.

Our new house has one of those brackets by the front door designed to hold a flag. Several of our neighbors use it to fly a United Statesian flag, one flies a Swedish flag, and one had a rotation that seems to include the United Statesian, Pennsylvanian, Israeli, UN, and Earth flags. I had this secret plan to get my hands on a flag of Kazakhstan to fly today. The plan was so secret, however, that I never quite got around to the getting my hands on that flag part. Which is really no excuse, not these days. I mean, that kind of thing used to be hard and now it really is not. Maybe next year.

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