Saturday, January 10, 2015


While I'm all for the opportunity to bring back the old Guy Smiley picture, how can Romney possibly win the nomination this time around? In 2012 the GOP electorate was so lukewarm on the guy they briefly gave frontrunner status to just about every other clown car candidate before finally, reluctantly, giving it to the guy the party establishment wanted all along. If Mitt is not the only establishment candidate in the 2016 race (if say... someone named Bush runs), will Romney even have the chance to be the fall-back candidate when all of the whack-jobs fail?

I just don't see it happening. His only hope would be if enough Republicans got sold on Romney during the general election and still feel like he was somehow robbed by the legitimate ass-whooping that Obama gave him in the general. Then he could be the whack-job's guy. That still seems like a long shot to me.

Oh, and for old times sake: