Monday, January 26, 2015


I simply don't understand why people clean out the shelves of grocery stores when a big snowstorm is forecast. Even if we assume the big storm that everyone is currently hyperventilating about comes to pass, at worst, I might not be able to get groceries for a whole day. Snow can make travel difficult in the immediate aftermath. But then roads get plowed, trains start running again. It is extremely rare for things not be to mostly up and running within 24 hours from the end of the storm, and I don't think I have ever experienced things being completely knocked out for more than 48 hours because of snow.

Maybe there are other people don't have enough food in their house to delay their grocery run by a single day or two, but I find it hard to believe that many people are in that situation. Seeing the people in the grocery stores, you would think they were expecting not to leave their house for a week.

Runs on things like batteries, generators, road salt, shovels, fire wood, et cetera prior to a snow all make sense to me (even if I am not someone who tends to stock up on anything based on a forecast). When people clean out the canned goods, it just seems like they are playing out some zombie apocalypse fantasy.