Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sigh, it's SOTU time

Each year, this country has a grand tradition, I complaint about how stupid the State of the Union Address is. Once of these days people will pay attention to me. Or maybe they will just notice on their own that behind all the pomp and bluster, we have a Presidential speech that almost always means nothing. It is extremely rare for any of the new exciting proposals a president raises in a SOTU to see the light of day afterwards.

Remember universal pre-K? Two years ago, President Obama boldly proposed making universal pre-K a law across the land. It is a very good idea, IMHO. Nevertheless, it went nowhere. Congress never even voted on it. While local governments have instituted pre-K programs since that speech (most notably in New York City), pre-K programs were initiated by local governments before 2013 too. It's not clear that the SOTU address did anything to advance the issue. He might as well have demanded a permanent moon base. Oh right, that one was done already.

I continued to be mystified why everyone else thinks this speech is an important event rather than a big empty show. And so, once again, I continue my lonely struggle against the SOTU.

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