Friday, February 06, 2015

Nostalgic chocolate, now less scary

I don't know if any of my long term readers remember the "scary baby bar" I posted about during the Kazakhstan year. Weeks ago, I was talking to a Ukrainian friend about how I missed the chocolate I had in Kazakhstan. She said she knew a place to get Russian and other former soviet republic's chocolate in North Philly (there is a large Russian community in that part of the city). I brought up the Alenka bar and told her about our "scary baby" nickname. The next time I ran into her she said "I have something for you" and pulled an Alenka bar from her purse.

This one is a Ukrainian version of the candy, featuring a not nearly as scary baby. (It is produced by Roshen, the Ukrainian chocolate empire that happens to be owned by the country's new President). It still tasted like the Russian version I remembered from Kazakhstan. I wonder if they have Astana bars somewhere in that part of town. Or non (aka Uzbek round bread) and "notella"?