Thursday, April 30, 2015

Checking it twice

When I read a headline like this one ("Qatar Joins List of Countries Buying Fighter Jets from France") all I can think about is that list.

Who exactly is keeping that list? Where is the list? Can I see the whole thing? It is scrawled out by hand on some piece of paper, or kept electronically in the cloud? How often is it updated? Is this just a hobby? A personal obsession? Is it part of someone's job? How many other lists is this person keeping up? Are all the other lists about vehicles, or maybe just planes? Are they all about purchases? Are all the other lists about France? Is France the list-taker's favorite country, or is he/she making lists about a bunch of other countries? Is there any country selling stuff that is not list-worthy? (Maybe a list of countries buying binoculars from Madagascar wouldn't make the cut?)

I don't care that much about what Qatar buys, I just want to know more about this list and the person who makes it.