Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fred never ate an Apatosaurus burger

What I never understood about the Brontosaurus or not-Brontosaurus issue is why the powers that be decided to eliminate the Brontosaurus and not the Apatosaurus when they concluded that the two were really the same species. The "Brontosaurus" name was and still is much better known than "Apatosaurus" (in fact, right now as I type this, I see that blogger's spell check function recognizes the word "Brontosaurus" but not "Apatosaurus"). If you're going to eliminate one, why not get rid of the name that few have heard of and keep the name beloved by five year olds everywhere?

At least back when I was a five year old. Up until now, Noz Jr. was growing up in the Apatosaurus-only era. I'm not sure if he has heard of a Brontosaurus. He is probably also unaware that Pluto was ever a planet.