Saturday, April 11, 2015


Back in the first half of 2009, when I wasn't sure if I would be going to Kazakhstan or not, my backup plan (if the Kazakhstan thing fell through) was to go to Yemen. I had several friends who had been, I couldn't get enough of their photos of Sana'a, and it just seemed like a fantastic place to travel. Kazakhstan did happen, although our departure date kept moving back and we didn't get to leave until mid-December. So I didn't get to Yemen. But it has still been on my list as a place to go whenever I get the chance to travel like that again.

Now I wonder just how wrecked it will be whenever that chance might come.

(Yeah I know, the human toll is the real issue. I am not trying to whine about my vacation plans and give the impression that should mean much to anyone else. Still, I do feel more of a connection to a place that I have imagined myself there)