Friday, May 08, 2015

Je Suis Pam Geller

It has been amusing to watch Pam Geller take the mantle as a champion of free speech over the past week. And I say that as a person who was banned from her blog and had my comments deleted.

Actually, I was banned at least three times. At some point someone told me that Typepad's (the blogging platform she used at the time) IP address blacklist expired after one year. So I calendared a year later and then popped on again in late 2007. It worked. I left a few comments and then quickly got banned again. I then did it again in 2008, commenting on a post, which promptly was deleted and my ability to post taken away again.

The 2008 banning was actually my favorite. I wish I had posted about it here. I commented on this post that Pam wrote about a parade by Muslim immigrant groups in NYC. The third picture in the post shows a flag, which Pam apparently thought was a Muslim fundamentalist mock-up of an American flag. I left a comment pointing out that it was not a parody flag but, in fact, is the flag of Malaysia. Before the end of the day my comment was deleted, I was banned from commenting, and the text of the post was edited to remove any suggestion that the flag was evidence of a secret plot by Muslims to take over the U.S. government. Free speech!