Monday, June 01, 2015

Already happening

Jeb Bush is apparently unaware that the Social Security Retirement age is already being phased up to 67 (under current law, that is what it will be for anyone born in or after 1960).

I don't understand why this stuff happens so often. If you're a serious presidential candidate, with a ton of staff to do research for you, why not have someone figure out the current state of the law before you spout off on how it should be changed.

And a pox on The Hill for mindlessly reporting Jeb's proposal, without noting that what he is proposing "push back the retirement age for Social Security by as many as five years." Seriously, I think of all the inside-the-beltway style political publications, The Hill is the worst. Yes, worse that Politico.

(via Memeorandum, because I only go to The Hill if I link leads me there from elsewhere)