Thursday, July 30, 2015

Almaty 2022!

I waiver between not giving a shit at all about the Olympics and actively disliking the whole thing. And I think that hosting Olympic games (as Philly occasionally makes noises about wanting to do) would be an absolute disaster for the city, causing way more problems than it will ever solve.

But that said, for some reason I can't help but root for Kazakhstan to get the 2022 Winter Olympics out of sheer loyalty to the country. Also maybe it would get people to learn more about the place. Also, well, um, considering how much I otherwise don't like the Olympics it doesn't really make much sense. Maybe it's blind faith, but I actually think that if KZ hosts it may be good for the country overall, benefiting in a way that Philadelphia as a host city would not.

Also Almaty has real snow (it snowed when I was there in October ferchristssake). Surely that should count for something in a winter Olympics bid.

UPDATE (7/31/15): Oh well. The vote was close though.