Wednesday, July 29, 2015

If there is no polling threshold for the debate, it won't just be 16

This change could cause more problems than Fox has anticipated. Without the polling threshold, every declared GOP presidential candidate is entitled to take part. But there are a lot more declared candidates than Fox News and Politico seem to be aware of.1 By my count, there are 35 declared Republican Candidates for President, not 16.

In every presidential election, a lot of people run who get zero coverage in the media. I really mean zero, not just Carly Fiorina-style "zero coverage." I'm talking about people like Skip Andrews, John Dummett Jr., and Jack Fellure. People who the national press completely ignores. I believe at least some, if not all of them, meet Fox's remaining criteria for participation (I'm not sure if they all have filed with the FEC, but Fellure, at least, has). If polls are no longer a threshold, why can't they get on TV with the rest of the clowns from the car?

(via Memeorandum)

1-Speaks volumes, doesn't it?