Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This changes nothing

I beg to differ with Tara Culp-Ressler on this, it is not hard at all to ignore the proof that ObamaCare is working. If you pay any attention to critics of the law on the right, they are not looking at data. In fact, that are not paying any attention to the rates of the uninsured at all. Rather the criticism is all about scary phrases like "government takeover" or they point to any increase in health care costs to claim that the ACA is causing health care costs to skyrocket across the board. It's not clear that they see getting more people insurance as a worthy goal.

The only thing that will eventually win more people over to the law is sheer exhaustion with the anti-ACA campaign. After the ninety-millionth repeal attempt, the whole effort just seems fruitless and silly. For a while there was a real chance that ObamaCare could be taken down (by the Supreme Court), but now it is clear that time has passed. As life moves on, people will simply get used to the law. In fact, they probably already are used to what the ACA substantively does. "ObamaCare" as a political slogan is what remains unpopular.