Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"You Stink"

I am trying to figure out the words the Lebanese protesters use for their "you stink" movement. First I assumed it would be something like أنت نتن (I didn't know the verb "to stink" until google translate told me--blame gw!!!). But when I did a google news search with the phrase "أنت نتن" nothing about the protest came up. I was able to find the protesters' hashtag, which is #طلعت_ريحتكم and the movement's facebook page. So it looks like طلعت ريحتكم is what is getting translated as "you stink." Is that a Lebanese colloquialism? I can't figure it out even as I see words like ريح ("wind") and طلع ("inform"? or "ascend"?) in the hashtag. Maybe wind is related to a stinky smell? Can anyone explain what those words mean and how the phrase gets translated as "you stink"?

Yeah, it has been years since I have tried to study Arabic. But every once in a while I see a reference to an Arabic word or phrase in the news and I try to see if I can puzzle it out. I usually can, especially with the help of Hans and google translate. But this one really stumped me.