Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The real theater is the Freedom Caucus pretending to believe in something

I agree it's all theater, but the interesting thing is watching how the freedom caucus reacts. If they really believed what they say they believe, they would be telling the world that Paul Ryan's outrage over the Boehner-Obama deal is a sham. They would point out that Ryan needed this deal to go through before he gets the speaker's gavel because otherwise he would be forced to betray his caucus on his first day on the job.

But they are not going to do that. Which means they want Ryan to be speaker even if it means selling out their alleged principles. Sure, Ryan is covering his own ass. But he can only pull it off if all the members of the Freedom Caucus are more intent on covering their own ass than anything else.

Yglesias' post from yesterday is absolutely right. House Republican's problem is their legislative strategy, not whoever happens to be Speaker. Because they can't ditch their strategy, no matter how many times it delivers completely predictable embarrassing legislative losses to the President, they are going to remain unable to accomplish anything.