Friday, December 11, 2015

That brokered convention thing

Maybe I would take this more seriously if the possibility of a brokered convention weren't aired every single time we have a presidential primary. The scenario has been floated more times than I can count, each time citing the peculiarities of this primary season to justify how this time it really should be seen as a real possibility.

I'm also convinced that the only reason the brokered convention scenario is so popular is because the actual conventions are so dull and non-newsworthy. Members of the media are still forced to cover them even though nothing newsworthy happens there--or at least nothing more newsworthy than any other carefully staged political event, except that the conventions are carefully staged fake news events that stretch out over several days. With the members of the media forced to waste their time with a non-event, it is only natural that they would fantasy about what if it actually turned into a newsworthy event this time. That's the only way that all that waste of their time would be worth it.