Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Before everyone moves on to more important stuff (like this month's parliamentary election in Kazakhstan) can we just marvel at just how badly Jeb Bush did. I mean, it was less than a year ago that everyone viewed him a serious contender, if not a shoe-in for the nomination.

Instead we got this:

Sixth place! And he only got 5,230 votes in the entire state, out of a total of 186,790 or so cast. That's just abysmal. Jeb! has been the race's sad sack for so long that you need to step back and remember the heady days when he launched his campaign for it to sink in just how badly he did. Jeb! (or his allied superPAC) spent $14 million on this race, about a third of the total spending of all of the GOP candidates. He paid $2,888 per vote. How many other politicians could pull off such a colossal failure?