Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Random thoughts masquerading as precognition

Here are my semi-guessed predictions about tonight and the aftermath:

1. Trump will get the most votes in the Republican New Hampshire Primary.

2. Kasich will "win" the NH primary by getting the second highest number of votes in the GOP primary.

3. Rubio will come in just behind Kasich, which means that Rubio will be the "loser" even though third place is exactly where he was when he "won" Iowa last week.

4. Cruz will come in 4th place, proving that everyone hates him even though he gets more votes than people like Jeb!

5. Sanders will beat Clinton by double digits in the Democratic NH primary but the bobble heads will all conclude it doesn't counts because NH is next to VT.

6. At least one from each of these lists will drop out between the NH and SC primary:
List A: Christie, Jeb!, Kasich [but only Kasich if I am wrong about him coming in second in NH]
List B: Fiorina, Carson