Monday, February 29, 2016

What I think it means

I wonder if Trump's attempt to avoid disavowing David Duke and other white supremacists will be the mistake that finally sinks his candidacy. I mean, he clearly understands what he said yesterday is a problem, which is why he is trying to back away from in, albeit in a way that makes absolutely no sense.

None of Trump's prior alleged mistakes have done much to stop him. So part of me assumes this one won't either. On the other hand, this mistake has really bad timing for Trump, coming right before Super Tuesday. Plus, white supremacy ferchristssake. So maybe it will do what the others weren't able to do.

But if it doesn't (that is, if Trump gets past this without any significant hit to his support), then nothing will. If this doesn't hurt him, he is going to be the nominee. If it does hurt him, it won't necessarily preclude Trump getting the nomination, but it will put more of a fight into the other alternatives in the race.