Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Call CNN, something was found that gives us no new information about MH 370!!!

I bet we will periodically have bits of MH370 wash up along the Southeast coast of Africa (or on the various islands off that coast) for the next few years. The thing is, unless one of the black boxes washes up, none of these new pieces will really tell us anything new.

The first piece that washed up last summer was different. Until then, it wasn't 100% clear that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean (although that was the most likely hypothesis). The piece proved an Indian Ocean crash and laid to rest all these other theories, like that the plane was in Kazakhstan. But more fragments emerging from the Indian Ocean don't tell us anything that we didn't discover from that first fragment. The ocean currents are not consistent enough for anyone to backtrack where these fragments originated from to lead investigators to the actual crash site.

(via Memeorandum)