Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nuke the party to save it

This would be awesome, but I can't imagine it actually happening.

The delegates at the GOP convention are going to know that depriving Trump of the nomination even if he has a majority of the delegates is likely to guarantee that the Republican candidate loses in the general election. The "nuclear option" is going to leave Trump supporters really pissed off and might cause Trump to run as an independent, which would split the conservative vote. So any delegate who signs on to this plan would have to see President Hillary Clinton as preferable to President Donald Trump. No doubt people like that exist, but I am willing to bet they are not Republican delegates. By definition, they are party stalwarts.

The various scenarios about how the GOP will stop Trump from getting the presidential nomination have been gamed out to death. But I am still fascinated by this stuff simply because there are a lot of Republicans who really don't like Trump and yet none of the stop Trump strategies look to be very likely to succeed. And so they are stuck, continuing to coast towards a Trump nomination that most party members don't want, without a viable mechanism to stop it.