Monday, March 28, 2016

You know what would make a GOP floor fight even more exciting? If everyone is carrying firearms!

If the GOP convention does go open carry, what are the odds of at least one shooting incident at the convention?

If it's a contested convention, I would say the odds are high.

There's also an issue whether anyone who receives secret service protection will be allowed to speak at the convention. the secret service is not going to be comfortable with any open carry venue. I know that Donald Trump has a secret service detail (I can't figure out if Cruz or Kasich have one), as do both former president Bush. Maybe they will build a bulletproof glass speaker's podium (like a popemobile without the wheels) to make the secret service happy. What great optics that would be!

UPDATE (via): The Secret Service rules out guns at the Republican National Convention. I think that's the right call, but it will be interesting to see if the Republicans buy it. If a no-gun rule is imposed to guarantee the safety of the candidates under Secret Service protection, why can't the rest of us enjoy the level of protection from a no-gun zone when we are not in a political convention?

According to the NRA zealots, no guns makes things more dangerous not less so, right? So why is the Secret Service trying to endanger Republican delegates by disarming them?!?!?