Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cruz-Fiorina WTF?

I know everyone in the world has already remarked about how weird it is for Ted Cruz, a candidate's whose biggest liability is the fact that he is deeply disliked by a whole lot of people, to pick another widely disliked former candidate like Carly Fiorina. It is shaking things up a bit. Tonight he is getting a lot more attention that he would have if he just kept campaigning like everyone else. It seems to have overshadowed Trump's big foreign policy speech (although drawing attention away from the speech might have helped Trump. Whenever a candidate's big promise is "coherence," you know he is setting a really low bar.)

But let me join the crowd. Cruz would get this attention no matter who he named as his Veep. What possible benefit can he get with Fiorina? Her campaign cratered when the media started pointing out that virtually nothing that came out of her mouth was true. So what does she bring to his campaign? An extra dose of bullshit so he can live up to Trump's "lyin' Ted Cruz" label even better than he already is? A failed businesswoman to be the perfect counter to a failed businessman like the GOP frontrunner?

Actually, I can think of two things: (1) Fiorina was the only candidate during this endless primary who directly confronted Trump and seemed to benefit from it, and (2) Fiorina has proven that she can win a GOP primary vote in California. In fact, it's the only time she has ever won any election. But it so happens that the CA primary is still coming up and Cruz must do well there if he is going to steal the nomination from Trump.

So for those two reasons maybe it does make a little sense. I still think he could have picked others who didn't have as many negatives as Fiorina has.

ASIDE: Blogger's spell checker keeps suggesting that "Fiorina" be changed to "firing."