Thursday, June 02, 2016

"they couldn't find a sponsor, so they had to move"

To further support my hypothesis that the Trump brand will be seriously, if not fatally damaged by this presidential race: the PGA is pulling its golf tournament from Trump's National Doral Miami resort, where the tournament has been held each year since 1962 (Trump acquired the property in 2012). The punchline is that the PGA is moving the tourney to Mexico, but the real story (in my mind) is that Trump's property is losing that business because sponsors don't want to be associated with Trump.

I still think that Trump will not be president (he really is a long shot if you keep your eyes on the electoral map). And assuming I am right, I also think it is pretty clear that Trump's business empire is going to be in serious decline after he has so politicized his brand. It would not surprise me if Trump goes through another bankruptcy, this time a personal bankruptcy, within five years of the end of his failed presidential race.